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1.       The Owner is Mrs Vikki Sagar Trading as Sparkle ‘n Shine Weddings.


2.       The Hirer is the lead name on the booking form.


3.       The Hire Period shall be the event date on the booking form.


4.       Hired Goods shall be all items listed on the Final Invoice.


5.       At all times the Hired Goods remains the property of the Owner


6.       The Hirer shall be solely responsible for the Hired Goods and shall be alone responsible for insuring the goods from time of installation and/or acceptance until return and acceptance of goods back into the possession of the Owner.


7.       The Owner shall not be responsible for injury or damage to persons or property howsoever sustained arising from any Hired Goods.


8.       In the event of a cancelled booking, a cancellation charge will be levied by the Owner, at 25% of the total value of the estimated order. Cancelled bookings with less than 3 months before the Hire Period will require full payment. If any payments or final balance is cleared before 3 months, the monies are non - refundable, unless we re advertise the date and can be filled. Refund then can be made less the £50 booking fee.


9.       A non refundable £50 deposit is required to secure all bookings. When the Owner has received the booking form the Hirer will receive an Order Confirmation form and request for the deposit.


10.    Final numbers – The Owner will contact the Hirer at 6 weeks before the Hire Period. When the final numbers and requirements have been given the Owner will send the Hirer a final invoice.


11.    Full payment for all Hired Goods is required 28 days before the Hire Period. The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that all payments have been received by the Owner.


12.    Shortages and damages to Hired Goods - On collection if any of the Hired Goods are missing then the Owner will send a replacement invoice to the Hirer. Standard laundering and cleaning is included in the price of the Hired Goods. The Owner will not invoice additional charges to the Hirer for stains from food and drink and light scuff marks from shoes. The Owner considers these stains as part of an event. However, if the Owner finds that irreversible and/or damage through mistreatment has been caused to Hired Goods for example rips, cigarette burns, candle wax, excessive food and drink stains etc then the Owner will issue the Hirer with a replacement invoice. Replacement charges for all Hired Goods are available upon request by the Hirer. Replacement invoices will be issued within 28 days after the Hire Period.


13.    Final invoice will include a security deposit of £50, which will then be refunded upon collection of the hired goods.


14.  The Owner reserves the right to use any photography taken during the Hire Period for promotional purposes unless otherwise advised by the Hirer.

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